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HTTPS API is a tool that allows you to send messages remotely, without logging into the Customer Panel. The communication takes place using the HTTPS protocol and consists in calling a specific URL address.

A few examples of possible avtivities for remote communication HTTPS XML API:

  • Dispatch of standard SMS (with the same content);
  • Sending personalized SMS messages;

  • Downloading the full report: date, message ID and phone number,
  • Downloading SMS responses with filtering by date and phone number;
  • Downloading incoming messages with the service Access Number, Personal Access Number and Premium SMS;
  • Checking the status of possesed messages.


  • HTTPS protection
  • The possibility of entering authorized IP addresses
  • The possibility of creating a dedicated user only for communication with the API

Libraries on GitHub


The SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol is dedicated to subscribers who send large amounts of messages or to those who already have their own integrated software using the SMPP protocol.

A few examples of actions for remote communication SMPP API:

  • Sending messages from the previously reported heading alphanumeric 9-digit-number (NDI)
  • Sending ECO SMS messages (use the heading "SMSECO")
  • Support for long messages over 160 characters (max 918)
  • Support encoding 7bit ASCII and UTF-8
  • Support for Flash SMS messages
  • Quick update of delivery reports


  • for SMPP connections in Customer Panel a user account SMPP must be created
  • it is possible to list a VPN tunnel between the customer and SerwerSMS (chargeable option, available to subscribers)
  • communication takes place from authorized IP addresses

Compatible software

  • Kannel (
  • Ozeki SMS (
  • All other software supporting communication via SMPP protocol in version 3.4


"SMS via FTP" is another way to communicate effectively. The service is not complicated and consists in simply sending messages using the FTP server on the client's side.

Some possible applications SMS via FTP

  • sending messages with previously reported alphanumeric headings as well as nine digit numbers (NDI)
  • sending SMS Eco (the value of sender’s field should be empty)
  • support for long messages higher than 160 characters (Maximum 918 characters)
  • support for coding 7 bit ASCII and UTF-8 (polish diacritics are recoded into counterparts)


  • for the purpose of SMS service via FTP you must create configuration in customer panel ( for details see documentation and customer panel)
  • Communication takes places via FTP protocol which is not standard encrypted. In order to quarantee confidentiality in data transfering we recommend to create a VPN channel between the client’s system and SerwerSMS. (for details see price-list )
  • It is possible to use SSL while connecting to FTP so called FTPS
  • SFTP link (secure FTP) is temporarily unavailable


"SQL API" is a service consisting in sending SMS and VMS messages and receiving SMS messages using the SQL server on the client's or side. The solution is very popular.

A few examples of actions possible in the SQL API:

  • Sending messages with pre-registered alphanumeric headings and 9-digit numbers (NDI)
  • Sending ECO SMS messages (the value of the sender field should be empty)
  • Sending VMS messages (text)
  • Support for long messages over 160 characters (max 918 characters)
  • Support for 7bit ASCII and UCS2 encoding
  • Receipt of messages ECO, ND, SC, NDI, SCI
  • Updating delivery reports of sent messages together with the status, date of updating the report, possibly with error code and text description


  • For the purposes of the SQL API service, a configuration should be created in the Customer Panel (details in the documentation and the Customer Panel).
  • Communication takes place at the indicated port number. In order to ensure confidentiality of the transmitted data, it is recommended to create a VPN tunnel between the Customer system and (details in the price list).


The SOAP service consists in configuring the HTTP connection in which the data structure is defined in XML format. The solution allows for effective communication using SMS messages.

Several example of actions possible in SOAP remote communication:

  • Send standard SMS messages (with the same content);
  • Sending of personalized SMS messages;
  • Downloading a full report: date, message ID and telephone number;
  • Downloading SMS responses with filtering by date and phone number;
  • Downloading incoming messages from ND, NDI and Premium SMS services;

  • Checking the status of messages
  • Adding listings and checking the sender's name status
  • Adding, listing and deleting contacts and groups


  • Securing the service with WS-Security

  • HTTPS protection

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