Conversations with users using tools other than SMS and MMS

On the ServerSMS platform, apart from receiving and sending classic SMS messages, there are a number of other messengers that can be used to promote your business, product sales or service presentation. For some time, we have been working together with partners and improving the website to increase the effectiveness of mobile communication. It can be said that new technologies complement the range of services and make the platform even more attractive. 


Viber  is a stool for customers looking for new solutions to reach and keep customers. Viber offers a number of opportunities that bring communication to a higher level.

Viber messaging can be used in a variety of use cases and across many industries: banking and finance, retail, IT providers, travel, online enterprises, healthcare, education, government, etc. Applications include important and time sensitive notifications such as: transaction/payment notifications, security alerts, reminders, statement or collection notices, travel or appointment reminders, weather alerts, order and shipping notifications, etc. 


  • messages can contain up to 1000 characters,

  • possibility to add graphics / photos / videos to messages,

  • company logo visible as profile,

  • linking to external sites,

  • possibility of adding buttons.


Dear Anna, we have prepared for you a special offer - up to 50% discount on your favorite shoes from the latest collection. Answer YES to get a discount code

Tomorrow is the deadline for payment for your invoice. Pay in time to avoid additional costs.

The train from Katowice to Warsaw is delayed. The new departure time is planned at 10:00 am from platform II. Visit our site to find out more.

Your package number 123456789 has been forwarded to the courier. Planned delivery tomorrow between 8am and 9am. Reply to this message if you want to postpone delivery or to change it to another date or time

Other Viber functions: 

  • Delivery Report – stay on top of message deliveries to end user’s mobile devices with pending, delivered, and rejected statuses. Delivery reports are provided by Viber;
  • Status Seen – check whether the message has been seen by the end user or not;
  • Validity period – set a time period for the system to retry delivery in case it failed, before it switches to another channel. Validity period can be set from 15 seconds to 24 hours;
  • Reporting and message logs – view comprehensive reports and logs of all Viber messages;
  • Out option – allows end users to easily opt out from future communication.

All these features and functionalities make communication via Viber even more effective.

There are two kinds of Viber messaging services that a business can use:

  • 1 WAY – the business can send messages but users cannot reply;

  • 2 WAY – the business can send messages and users can reply.




WhatsApp for business is a solution for customers looking for new solutions in reaching and retaining customers. WhatsApp gives you a number of possibilities that take mobile communication to a new level.

WhatsApp messages can be used in various cases and in many industries such as banking and finance, tourism, commerce or IT, e-commerce, healthcare, education, administration etc. Applications include important and speed-sensitive notifications such as transaction notifications / payment, security, alerts, reminders, statements or notifications, travel information or meeting reminders, weather alerts, orders and shipments, etc.


"Magdalena, your report about poor hotel conditions has been accepted. Your dedicated adviser Tomasz is dealing with the case. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible."  "Tomorrow is the payment deadline for your invoice. Pay on time to avoid additional costs."  

"The train from Wrocław to Kraków is delayed. The new departure time is scheduled for 11:45 from platform III. Check the details on the website."  

"Hi Piotr, your product is unfortunately not available. If it appears again in our assortment, you will be informed immediately. Due to this inconvenience, we have prepared a special discount for further purchases. Maybe you liked another product? Use 20% discount now. "  

"Sebastian, your report of your card being lost has been accepted. The card has been blocked. A new card will be sent to you on DD/MM/YYYY. If you have questions, please contact us."


  • messages can contain an unlimited number of characters,

  • the ability to add graphics / photos / videos to the message,

  • company logo visible as an avatar,

  • possibility of linking to external websites,

  • chat (two-way communication).


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RCS, or Rich Communication Service, also called SMS 2.0, is not just a simple text message. These are photos, active buttons and links that minimize the client's time needed to find all necessary information. Everything is in one place and is available to the customer immediately. Thanks to this solution, marketers receive a new, extremely effective weapon in the fight for customers.

The RCS format works on the internet and is a uniform format for all types of smartphones.

RCS capabilities:

  • registration of the sender's name
  • placing the company's logo and choosing the leading color in communication,
  • the ability to place graphics, pdf and video files
  • allows such default actions as calling or answering.
  • allows you to send information up to 8000 characters.
  • full reporting: in addition to the status "sent" and "received", the user also sees the status "read".



A whole range of new possibilities allows the use of RCS in extensive marketing and information campaigns. This will allow you to implement your sales plans more effectively, minimize the risk of lost visits, etc.  

Flight, train and other tickets sent directly to the phone with the possibility of viewing the entire timetable / flights, updating timetables etc. 

Confirmation of reservations in hotels, restaurants with all necessary information and a map of attractions around the facility.  Reservations at service outlets such as a hairdresser, mechanic or doctor. RCS will allow attaching a map, canceling a visit or rescheduling.



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