Premium SMS

payment charging via SMS

The service associated with a special range of reduced numbers. For sending SMS to the number, the sender is charged with an increased payment which is the same for all mobile phone users and does not depend on being a member of a particular operator's network or the subscriber's tariff plan.

Possibilities that give you Premium SMS

Using Premium SMS, you can make accessible for the GSM phone users the variety of services for which the organizer receives part of the commission taken by the user.

Earn money

Currently, there are many services based on the Premium Rate SMS that provide with mobile entertainment, paid articles on web, access to site, chat rooms, different services on the network through the use of SMS micropayments. It is possible to carry out actions, which are an important part of marketing: competing, lottery, urban games, subscriptions, etc.


  • Contests; Lotteries
  • Chats; conversations
  • Paid content; Polls
  • Acces to the websites
  • SMS micropayments etc.

Numbers, fees and commission

Numbers Premium SMS are distinguished by having slightly different form from the standard numbers. Premium SMS number is the shortened number having form eg. 71200,  which is easy to remember by the final user. The numbers in SerwerSMS are divided into two groups: shared numbers (this solution is easy and cheap) and dedicated numbers (solution for more demanding).

Shared numbers

Having an account in SerwerSMS Platform there is an available pool of shortened numbers Premium SMS shared with other users of the Platform. Shared numbers are based on prefixes to be set up and activated in the system. Prefix enables to recognize incoming messages and assign it to a specific account in SerwerSMS. The Platform allows you to use the numbers of different values in the range of 0.5 PLN to 25 PLN net. By sharing you can reduce the cost of installation and launch of a number.

Table of available numbers in SerwerSMS Platform

Numbers Value Commission paid (profit-sharing)
70XXX 0,5 pln Information available in w pricing
71XXX 1 pln Information available in w pricing
72XXX 2 pln Information available in w pricing
73XXX 3 pln Information available in w pricing
74XXX 4 pln Information available in w pricing
75XXX 5 pln Information available in w pricing
76XXX 6 pln Information available in w pricing
79XXX 9 pln Information available in w pricing
919XX 19 pln Information available in w pricing
925XX 25 pln Information available in w pricing

Dedicated numbers

Dedicated number Premium SMS is asigned to one account in SerwerSMS only and there is no need to use prefixes. You can use prefixes but it is not necessary for the proper functioning of the number. Dedicated number is an easy solution which allows you to bidirectional communication based on Premium SMS numbers. Dedicated numbers have requirements posed by infrastructural operators whose integrator is the SerwerSMS Platform. The basic requirement is to ensure minimum traffic coming to this number. Another limitation is the relatively high cost of installation. Offer for dedicated number is prepared individually, so please contact us in order to present you a list of available numbers and to work out a proposal for your company.

Settlement rules and commission payment

Premium SMS service is available only to holders of subscription packages. The commission shall be paid in monthly intervals. In the panel of SerwerSMS full report will be available for incoming Premium SMS messages and information about the current fee to be paid. Payment will be made after the issue and provide us with a VAT invoice. On its basis payment will be made. The time limit for payment is 30 days of the date of invoice issuing.

One-off codes

A popular service with increased payment are so called one-off codes. Using this service you can handle the payable content eg. on websites. Example services that can operate on the principle of one-off codes return:

Examples of usage:

  • paid access to websites,
  • paid downloaded files
  • paying for services or goods,
  • adding to contact lists,
  • news bulletin,
  • and much more...

Example principles of operation:

If we want to make such a video on our website, the service can be used according to the following scheme:

  • the user sends an SMS with specified content and to a specified number;
  • in response receives a code;
  • code is marked in SerwerSMs as issued;
  • user who has received the code enter it on the website and use the service;
  • the system will charge a commission for the code sent by the user.

SMS payments

A ready solution for owners of websites who want to provide paid content, services or files. Premium SMS Payment System supports charging on the side of SerwerSMS Platform.This solution makes that the implementation in your Premium SMS Payment service through SerwerSMS platform is very simple. Once properly configured script will work without the need for additional controls.

Advantages of Premium SMS Payments in SerwerSMS platform:

  • free access to the service within one account in SerwerSMS platform;
  • high commission in the service Premium SMS payments;
  • flexible posssibility to change the Premium number of differnet values;
  • current payout is always available in the Customer Panel in SerwerSMS platform.


In the Customer Panel ready script (code) will automatically appear which has to be pasted in the appropriate place on your website. Refer to the technical specification of service Premium SMS micropayments in SerwerSMS.

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