Push notifications

PUSH notifications are a new type of notifications sent to users through web browsers. Their advantage is low price, anonymity for users (they do not provide absolutely any personal data), simplicity of activation, no fees and possibilities of abuse, e.g. attempts to convince for SMSs with increased payments.

Push notifications

An undoubted plus of PUSH notifications is that the user receives messages that interest him, without sending later SPAM by other companies, because only a dedicated website / company can send notifications to a specific user. What is important is also the ability to opt out easily if the user no longer wants to receive such notifications. For Companies, it is a new channel of communication with users who are online, enabling them to sew up a link with promotions, offers or other valuable content.  To use the PUSH notification service, create a widget configuration, and then place the generated code on your website. For the user who is on the Client's website, an icon will appear after pressing which a window will appear with information on PUSH notification. After confirming the willingness to subscribe to notifications, the user will additionally receive a query from a web browser regarding receiving notifications. Confirming this message will save the user to the list.

The widget configuration consists in determining, among others:

  • icons of the widget after clicking which it will be possible to sign up,
  • text informing where the user is subscribing, what type of messages he will receive, etc.
  • appearance and title of the information window,
  • notification icons,
  • default validity of sent messages,

Podczas wysyłki powiadomień, Klient korzystając z odpowiedniego formularza w Panelu Klienta wybiera grupy odbiorców a następnie uzupełnia kolejno:

  • message title (maximum 45 characters)
  • the content of the message (maximum 500 characters, it is recommended to use no more than 200 characters)
  • link to redirect to the website.
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