SMS features

SMS also have many features that are different and can present different variants of the same message, e.g. different ways of displaying short text messages, depending on the application or phone. In this section, we have described the features of short text messages and the most important issues related to their visualization and use of SMS messages in the platform.

Visualization of metadata in an SMS

An increasing number of smartphones have the possibility of wider visualization of SMS messages by downloading Meta data from a URL address. This feature makes the communication of short text messages even more attractive.

This is another step to implement the so-called SMS 2.0! Already, the "part" of applications that support SMS, e.g. "Google News" in Android, can download additional meta data if we include a link to a website in the message. In the graphic below we present the difference between the standard message downloaded in the SMS application and the message in the application having the "chat" function with the ability to download additional Meta data. It is worth using, considering that an increasing number of applications support SMSs with additional elements that will make the message more attractive. The scale of SMSs read in this way is so large that we encourage you to consider this external functionality when creating marketing campaigns.

The most important functions and metadata downloaded from links:

  • automatic download of photo or graphics,

  • the ability to click displayed graphics and additional descriptions,

  • displaying the title and short description of the page to which the URL link leads.


The graphic presentation on the example of "Google Message" is for illustration only and may vary depending on the application that supports text messages. The above visualization is a real example of downloading metadata from an online store, but it does not constitute any offer or promotion of the presented products.
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