SerwerSMS platform offers full reporting - list of functions included in this section describes the key elements that allow you to control your SMS, MMS and VOICE campaigns.


Reports in SerwerSMS platform convey information about what is going on with the message that has been sent to the recipient during the performance of the campaign.

Information contained in the report

Reports have several statuses each of which varies depending on the stage at which is a message in the system and on how to keep the final terminal (telephone receiver) - or respond to any message.

Types of reports

  • Pending - this status message indicates that it has been properly adopted by the Infrastructure Operator and began an attempt to deliver messages to the final terminal (mobile user). The pending report is the status of the pending transition of which there are two options: delivered or not delivered.
  • Delivered -  message receives this status when the final terminal (receiver's telephone) responds positively to the message. Once the user's phone sends a return message in SerwerSMS platform sending procedure is completed correctly.
  • Undelivered - message receives the status when the final terminal (receiver's telephone) responds negatively to the message. Once the user's phone sends a return message, the SerwerSMS platform procedure is completed incorrectly. This happens if the user's phone, eg: inbox is overflowing, is a long time off, often loses or is beyond reach or in case of an unexpected error.

Additional information

Reports are refilled in section Unsent which gives full information about the dispatch and quality of data.


Unsent is a kind of report from dispatch with the proviso that everything that will be in this section after the completion of sending is not included in the billing and will not be charged any fee for the messages.

What is it?

If during the message sending the main systems of infrastructure operators do not take the message to the system, our system will mark them as unsent. This happens if there is a specific technical reason through which the infrastructure operator responds negatively to messages to be implemented. In this case, no entity is charged by a fee, because there has been no message to be accepted in the system

Example cases of rejection messages:

  • number does not exist,
  • incorrect amount of characters in the number,
  • number contains unexpected characters,
  • incorrect prefix of the country
  • number does not match with the type of message that have been defined for dispatch.

Additional information

The full reports properly established for implementation the messages are described on the subpage Reports.


Statistics in platform give the possibility to control the carried out campaigns and present a summary of all messages sent.

Statistics with regard to the time range

The platform allows for the preparation of the summary within a specified time span. When you generate a summary report, form allows you to choose the dates you want to include a summary.

Statistics with regard to the message type

Summary can also choose the type of messages that have been applied. Preparation of the summary report with the division into messages enables even more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the campaign.

List of sent messages

In addition to the reports for each message, platform has a function that represents collectively executed campaigns. With this form of reporting you can see quickly how many messages have been sent, how many delivered and undelivered.

Quick summary report

List of sent messages is a kind of report. The difference to the individual reports lies in the fact that the list of sent messages is to group the individual reports and present them in an aggregated form. This gives you the ability to get quickly an overview how the sending proceeds.

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