SMS attributes

Text messaging in spite of appearances have many attributes that can be used in many ways. In this section we describe the attributes and the most important issues regarding to the use of SMS messaging in platform.

Sender ID (Branding SMS)

Sender's name ( Branding SMS) is the possibility of a text message FULL SMS whereby sent SMS looks professional and inspires confidence of customers. In a place where there is a standard number you can insert your own text (up to 11 alphanumeric characters).

Your company's name or product in the SMS gives the prestige of your message

Applying your own alphanumeric sender ID in the SMS such as "XYZ Company", SMS provides the recipient of an SMS that he has received it from a professional company or institution. If SMS messages are used as the system alerts, the recipient takes on trust to any message of this type which provides with the desired reaction from the recipients. If you need to consider responses to these SMS messages, you can in SMS content put any contact.

Quick answer to NDI number in sender ID

By sending an SMS message from the system, in the name of the sender you can also use Personal Access Number (NDI), so you can create a user-friendly bidirectional SMS communication to the recipient of SMS. If the recipient answers, all SMS responses appearing on this number will be displayed in the Customer Panel. Responses can be redirected to any e-mail address, telephone number or to an external application through API communication.
Using NDI number in the sender' ID we are making easier for SMS message recipient by simple and quick answer.

Verified SMS

Verified SMS adds sender verification and branding to business SMS messages, making them safer and more reliable.



Engage customers with trusted brand messages

Verified SMS messages help companies improve conversations with users, build trust and prevent fraud.  

VSMS works by verifying individual messages, which ensures that the content in the SMS is sent by a specific company. After verifying the message, users can see the sender's company name, logo and distinctive badge that ensures that the message comes from a reliable source. VSMS is created thanks to close cooperation with Google. The service can now be tested. Contact us!

Polish characters in the content of SMS message

Depending on the type of message that will be used during dispatch, it is possible in the system to use Polish characters like (ą, ę, ć, ś, ł, ń, ż).

Polish characters is an option

System allows you to select while dispatch, whether the message should include Polish characters, or have them converted to the equivalents of ą >> a; ę >> e; ł >> l; etc. By using messages containing Polish characters, the way of counting is changing and the number of available characters in the content.

How is message with Polish characters accounted?

SMS Tariff consists of general principles adopted by the infrastructure operators. We prepared Table of characters, which describes precisely the rules related to the amount of characters in the SMS. Refer to the Table of characters.


Long messages

The SerwerSMS allows you to send SMS text messages consisting of more characters than the standard 160. This possibility is available in selected packages. The maximum length of a sent message by SerwerSMS can be even 918 characters.

The recipient will receive one long message.

Nowadays, all mobile phones have the option of combining several text messages into one entire SMS message. During sending such message in SerwerSMS Customer Panel, system informs how many messages will include a message. The recipient will receive a combined, long message.

How is long SMS message accounted?

SMS Tariff consists of general principles adopted by the infrastructure operators. We prepared Table of characters, which describes precisely the rules related to the amount of characters in the SMS. Refer to the Table of characters.


Table of available characters in SMS message

Method of accounting messages consists of general principles and is a standard of SMS communication. SerwerSMS services are accounted in accordance with the standard of GSM infrastructure operators. These tables present the rules of billing in the system.


Some characters, such as ~, ^, |, ], [, {, }, , and characters of new line (so called Enter) take place of the two characters in the message body (due to the use of GSM coding in network).

Table of SMS division without Polish characters (7bit ASCII encoding):

Number of characters Length of the individual parts of the SMS Number of SMS, that the recipient receives SMS number used for customer billing
1-160 1 x 160 characters 1 1
161-306 2 x 153 characters* 1 2
307-459 3 x 153 characters* 1 3
460-612 4 x 153 characters* 1 4
613-765 5 x 153 characters* 1 5
766-918 6 x 153 characters* 1 6

*Messages containing more than 160 characters the content message into individual text messages, where each of them has 153 characters. The remaining seven characters is reserved for information in order to merge the messages into one long SMS message.

Table of SMS division with Polish characters (or other UTF-8 characters)

Number of characters Length of individual partsof the SMS Number of SMS, that the recipient receives SMS number used for customer billing
1-70 1 x 70 characters 1 1
71-134 2 x 67 characters* 1 2
135-201 3 x 67 characters* 1 3
202-268 4 x 67 characters* 1 4
269-335 5 x 67 characters* 1 5
336-402 6 x 67 characters* 1 6

*Messages containing more than 70 characters the content is divided into individual text messages with 67 characters each. The remaining three characters are for information in order to merge the messages into one long SMS.

Flash type SMS

The SMS message with the extension of Flash type. This is a type of SMS message that when you receive, it will be automatically displayed on your phone. Depending on the phone options, the message can be immediately removed (eg. by pressing OK) or save it in your inbox.

Flash at the time of message delivery on the phone

Recipient of the message, not doing any action he sees a message on the screen.



Some phone models do not save by default the SMS of Flash type. Some phones do not provide with the possibility to save such a message and after the SMS approval is deleted from phone.


WAP Push SMS (link to the WAP address)

An SMS with a WAP Push type extension gives customers the ability to the access to the contents of the WAP address located in the message header.

The address can be a web site or any file placed online. Thus, following the extension of WAP Push, you can provide with any content directly to your Recipients.

WAP Push provides:

  • ringing tones,
  • java applications,
  • applets,
  • screen savers,
  • multimedia messages of MMS type,
  • graphics,
  • photos,
  • movies.


The recipient must have a compatible device and configured to receive WAP Push. (this configuration has most mobile phones).


vCard SMS (SMS business card vcf)

SMS message with a vCard extension enables the use of VCF format used among others by mobile phones. This format provides with easy to store electronic business card.

One click and data are saved in recipient's address book

vCard enables to exchange personal data i.e. electronic business cards. With this solution, our platform can provide with bulk or individually electronic business cards directly to your mobile phone. A person receiving a vCard, after accepting by a single click, it adds it to the address book all sent contact data.

Available fileds in vCard SMS system:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Company;
  • Mobile phone;
  • Stationary phone;
  • Fax;
  • E-mail;
  • website.

vCard in online Panel

Preparation of electronic business cards in online panel is a very straightforward process. Simply fill a short form with all data to be transmitted in the card.

vCard in WebApi:

Using remote communications WebApi, content must be sent in accordance with the vCard standard.

An example code that is sent remotely:

FN:Daniel Zawiliński

Speed SMS

The SMS message extension of speed type are treated as priority and sent individually by an independent system.

By defining the dispatch with Speed SMS option, you get:

  • independent routing channel
  • the greater bandwidth of the system,
  • faster reporting of messages,
  • faster delivery of messages (95% of messages are getting through in less than 10 sec.)

For demanding

The options are mostly used by banks and all types of institutions that require fast delivery of their information to the customers. The option was made available for public use due to the increasing demands of companies and entities involved in mobile marketing. Feel free to use this option to all our customers who have an active subscription package.

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