Bidirectional mobile communication (i.e. sending SMS messages to pupils, parents, students but also SMS messages receiving from these groups) can improve the management of educational institution and increase its competitiveness.


Educational institutions at all levels of education can and should be interested in bulk SMS messaging. The service streamlines the transfer of information from managers to parents making kindergarten management more efficient, faster and more effective.

Why is it worth?

  • reduction in financial expenses for phone calls,
  • notify parents quickly in an emergency (failure, an epidemic of infectious disease, a change in functioning the institution),
  • greater comfort for managers,
  • better informed parents (notification about meetings, contributions, trips),
  • streamline the payment process (notification of charges for kindergarten),
  • efficient and modern image of managed institution,
  • documentation of all notifications (history of SMS sending).

SMS notifications for parents

SerwerSMS offers for kindergartens is above all an SMS to the parents. In the Customer Panel, you can implement dispatch both individually and and in a mass (wholesale). Bulk messaging can be performed simultaneously to all parents, as well as by kindergarten-groups and age-groups (such as bulk messaging only to parents of children of the group or the class). We also encourage you to use functions of planned and cyclical dispatches. A few days before the due date, the system can achieve the same dispatch reminiscent of the payments. In exceptional circumstances, occasional, you can prepare your own content delivery and implement it immediately or at a scheduled time.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section just ask about the function of planning dispatches and creating groups of contacts.

SMS orders for nursery workers

Efficient management of kindergarten is also the ability to instantly relay important information to kindergartens's staff. SerwerSMS offers an interesting feature Forward SMS. SMS sent through the ordinary cell phone goes into our system and it sends it immediately to multiple recipients. This allows one SMS you can immediately tell workers about emergency incidents, accidents, changes in schedule, etc.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about Forward SMS service.

SMS information during the recruitment

During the recruitment of new age-group classes of kindergarten management team has a difficult task in process of recruiting younger kids. Bulk SMS messaging is meeting their needs. Sending SMS messages to parents waiting for a place for a child in kindergarten is simpler, cheaper and faster than the tedious exercise of dozens of telephone calls related to complete the documentation, deadlines, etc.

If you are interested in this service and you are in contact with a customer service representative just ask about bulk messaging of Eco or Full SMS .

SMS for suppliers

Nursery management is an enormous responsibility associated with providing the institution with time delivery of products and services that enables the smooth functioning of the kindergarten. That is why the kindergartens use SerwerSMS to send texts not only to parents but also to companies that provide office equipment, products for food preparation (or ready meals if you are using catering services), etc. The benefit is similar as in the case of SMS sending to parents: time and money saving.

If you are interested, in this service in converation with sales section please ask about ECO SMS service which will allow you to receive responses via text-messaging.


Academic staff, administrative staff office and hundreds and sometimes thousands of students and candidates. Effective college management is an efficient management of information flow. It helps in the rapid and cost-effective bulk SMS messaging.

Why is it worth?

  • reducing the cost of phone calls,
  • reducing the amount of requred time to provide information for large groups of recipients,
  • greater comfort for the administrative staff,
  • greater comfort for researchers (accurate flow of information),
  • documented transmission of any information (reports of dispatches),
  • the image of modern managed and functioning institution.

SMS notifications for students

SerwerSMS for higher education primarily offers bulk SMS to students. Well-developed base of numbers will allow you to transfer important information to defined groups, eg. students, the specialization and the mode of teaching (eg. sending only to students of extramural studies, sending only to first-year students etc.). SerwerSMS can create groups of contacts, so that in few seconds you will be able to realize dispatch. In addition, we offer the planned dispatch, which can be used to remind you of payment dates.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about planning dispatch and creating groups of contacts.

SMS communication in recruitment

Bulk SMS messaging during an ongoing recruitment greatly facilitate the work of administrative staff who coordinates recruiting for college. SerwerSMS offers sending both single and in a mass, so you can send SMS messages informing individual consumers or large groups such as the changes in the rules of recruitment, selection results, the next recruitment etc.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about single and bulk messaging.

Bulk SMS messaging for the academic and administrative staff

Comfortable managing the institution of higher education is not only an efficient, rapid and economical transfer of information to students and applicants to college, but also to the academic and administrative staff. Such sending is useful mainly in the events of emergency such as changes in schedule, system failures, etc. In such events, especially is recommended sending function initiated from a mobile phone.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about function called Forward SMS.

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