Entertainment, sport

Entertainment and sport love mobile communication! You can send invitations to entertainment and sport events, order tickets, reserve seats via SMS and many other services and functions that can cause a real mobile accelerating of Your business!

Fitness salon

Gyms, fitness salons and similar establishments more often and more willingly use mobile communication which notably increases the level of customer's loyalty. SMS is a good way to remind about the next visits, promotions, etc.

Why is it worth?

  • increasing the customer's loyalty,
  • booking through SMS,
  • image of a modern salon,
  • increasing payments with a fixed time.

SMS notifications

SerwerSMS offer for sports facilities is primarily to establish a dialogue with current customers so that to become regular customers of your service. It is easier to keep existing customers than trying and attracting new ones. SMS communication is a great form of dialogue between the salon and its users. To present customers' mobile phones, you can send reminders about the next visit but also information about new services, promotions, rebates, discounts, contests and other forms of encouraging to re-visit your salon.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section just ask about function of planning dispatches and creating contact groups.

SMS vindication

For services paid periodically for example, weekly or monthly you can significantly increase the proportion of interests through SMS reminders. Such dispatches may inform of the impending deadline, and may be made to those customers who have not paid a fee in a defined term.

If you are interested in this service, in conversatio with sales section please ask about planned dispatches and API remote communication.

SMS reservations

A wonderful offer of SerwerSMS for salons fitness is the ability to make a reservation by sending an SMS. This innovative form of ordering services may become for you a significant differentiator among competing offers in your area.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please just ask about NDI service.

Cultural center

Libraries, common rooms and cultural centers - municipal, rural and urban areas - for a long time has been fighting for the attention of people with new forms of spending free time in shopping malls, in front of a computer or TV. Direct notifications about new events sent to your mobile phone can significantly increase attendance at cultural events organized by subordinate centers of local government units.

Why is it worth?

  • increasing attendance at cultural events,
  • direct notification of interested parties,
  • image of a modern resort,
  • greater comfort for resort workers.

SMS invitations

SerwerSMS offers SMS messages sending with invitations to events organized by your institution. In the Customer Panel you can schedule the dispatch few hours earlier and even set the dispatch time several months earlier.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about planned dispatches.

Not everything for everyone

To minimize dispatch costs you should realize SMS dispatch just to directly interested in the event. About the activities for children young parents should be informed, but about the rock concerts youth should be informed.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about contact groups.

Creating database of residents phone numbers

Sending SMS messages to residents, however, would not be possible if they do not have residents' phone numbers. SerwerSMS offers dedicated product that database of numbers creates virtually itself.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about NDI service.

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