Real estate

For developers, sellers, brokers, investors, tenants, construction companies and building managers SerwerSMS for absolutely any of these industries has to offer interesting solutions for mobile communication.

Estate agency

Effectiveness of estate agencies sets matching skills of the selected vendor needs to meet the needs of the selected buyer. Among the hundreds and sometimes thousands of offers to buy, rent and sell, you have to reach to the right person that might be interested in this offer. Thus, the SMS as a cheap, quick and effective medium, can support this process.

Why is it worth?

  • immediately informing interested in new offers,
  • increasing the number of transactions,
  • reducing the cost of phone calls,
  • image of a modern, efficient estate agency,
  • streamlining business office.

Automatic SMS notifications about new offers

If you have any sales management application (mobile, web-based or desktop), SerwerSMS offers automatic sending to defined recipients added to the system that are meeting the criteria for advertisements. Just integrate your software with our system.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section just ask about API remote communication.

Individual sending to particular customers

Apart from wholesale, automatic sending, SerwerSMS also offers independent messages writing by workers of estate agencies and sending the individual contents to selected recipients.

If you are interested in this service, in converastion with sales section please ask about single ECO SMS or FULL SMS.

SMS reminders

Work of an estate agent is associated with a large number of meetings with potential clients. SerwerSMS offers an interesting feature of the scheduled visit reminders. For few days or few days before the meeting, the system can send automatically to the customer a reminder of customer's visit. This reduces the number of canceled visits, and you save time and money.

If you are interested in this service, in contact with sales section just ask about function of SMS planning.

The administration of objects

Estate management is one of the industries for which probably we have the highest number of interesting offers, services and features. There is no way you cannot choose something for you ...

Why is it worth?

  • remote management of installation,
  • more timely payments from tenants,
  • SMS notifications for residents / tenants,
  • simpler facilities management,
  • image of the modern form of administration,
  • SMS notifications of the installation failure.

SMS installation management

Managing a large number of installations in a large number of estates requires the creation of a functioning system, procedures, etc. By sending an SMS to a specified number of specified content, you can switch on or switch off any device or installation, and check its status or make much more defined processes.

If you are interested in this service in conversation with sales section please ask about API remote communication, which allows you to integrate our system with any online, mobile or desktop application.

SMS vindication

Bulk SMS messaging also helps in the scheduled payment of renting and other expenses. SMS messages are reminding about upcoming and past payment date, it is a service from which you can use both the Customer Panel and your own application to manage payments.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about planned dispatches and API remote communication.

SMS messages

In the estate managing there are often situations in which there is a failure of installation, infrastructure and media. In such emergency situations SerwerSMS also offers helpful mobile communication. Even in the case of no curent or no access to the Internet, you can from your mobile phone send SMS messages to the tenants or owners.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about SMS Forward function.

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