Mobile communication offers the branch of business to increase your customer loyalty, attract new and have opportunity to increase immediately the sales. SMS dispatch can be planned in just few seconds.


Internet sale and variety of e-commerce platforms with mobile communication create an unusual synergy. Mobile communication and the online environment provides customers with comfort, speed and quick interaction.

Why is it worth?

  • increasing the number of transactions with an additional, convenient form of payment,
  • increasing the security of transactions through SMS authentication,
  • increasing customers satisfaction through SMS notification of the consignment,
  • improvement of the image (the highest quality of service through SMS notifications).

SMS payments

One of the primary uses of SMS in e-commerce is of course SMS payments. Paying by SMS for small services, products or access to services is for the Poles still the most convenient form of payment. Revenues from available products and services can be greatly increased if to the payment methods, you will add text-messaging payment. The service may be obtained in SerwerSMS by selecting the appropriate package with Premium SMS function.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about Premium SMS service.

Authorization and Authentication

SerwerSMS for e-commerce is also offering this SMS confirmation, authorization, authentication of transactions and other operations on your site. Mobile phones and bidirectional SMS communication can support, accelerate and improve the safe use of your offer.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about API remote communication and one-off codes.

SMS notifications

Ordering in online store or on any platform, e-commerce product or service is associated with waiting for the order. This process can streamline SMS communication. With this you can tell your customers about order status, notify the carrier about the time of visit and text any other messages that are necessary for comfortable, efficient and economical delivery. Comfortable implementation can make that fairly informed customer can become your regular customer.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about bulk messaging of ECO or FULL SMS.

SMS loyalty

A common practice is a subtle reminder to own existing customers. Companies around the world are doing this through newsletters, Christmas wishes, loyalty cards and other activities in the area of loyalty programmes. The obvious fact is that it is easier to keep existing customer than acquire a new one. Thus, if the orders of any its phases, you will acquire a cell phone number, you should use it to send an SMS reminder about your offer. This can be directly encouraging to repeat purchases (promotion, sale, discount, etc.) or more subtle information e.g. in a form of wishes.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about planned and personalized dispatches.

Chain stores

Permanent and occasional sales support - this is the main use of SMS communication in the trade including the commercial networks. We invite you to meet interesting solutions that can improve the image of your chain stores and the real impact on increasing your revenues.

Why is it worth?

  • increasing customers loyalty,
  • attracting new customers of services and products,
  • increasing the read pointer of advertising content,
  • interaction in SMS contests,
  • regional sales management

SMS loyalty

Support mobile advertising and marketing is primarily a high rate of reading the advertising content. Current research and statistics show that virtually every SMS sent is read by the recipient in whole, and it is usually within few minutes after sending it. This means that short but pithy SMS can be a stimulus for next purchases of your existing customers.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about ECO SMS and FULL SMS service.

Creating database of mobile phone numbers

Sending SMS commercials of course requires having the base of existing customers, or at least those who were interested in your offer. SerwerSMS offers access to the number to which sending an SMS, your current and potential customers are consciously and voluntarily added to the SMS subscription list.

If you are interested, in this service with sales section please ask about NDI service that is Personal Access Number.

SMS contests

Great form to establish an interesting interaction with existing and potential customers are SMS contests. SerwerSMS offers free access to a number of studies on this topic, so you can obtain from us the necessary knowledge of how to realize such a contest. Also the same platform for the technological SerwerSMS is prepared to implement various types of SMS competitions in accordance with the law, in particular with the Telecommunication Law and its latest amendment. SMS contests can increase the loyalty of existing customers and help with attracting new ones, and enhance brand awareness and generate interest around the emotional environment - if you manage to develop an interesting, intriguing idea, of SMS competition of course.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about Premium SMS service.

Users – employees of retail outlets

For entities doing a scattered business (eg. chain stores) SerwerSMS has developed number of interesting features for the regional service local customers. In each of the points, an authorized employee can have an access to the SMS dispatch only in assigned permissions. For example, he or she can have access to contact base only of the region or can have assigned the limit of your messages, etc.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about users and alias.

Idea list

Applications, Internet

We invite you to the reading-matter of the programmers and electronics engineers.

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Offices, institutions

In these days, the modern office is the mobile office! Simply.

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Mobile loyalty and sales support. Stationary and virtual.

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Real estate

Good offer? Quickly inform interested via SMS!

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Law, finance

Legal and financial support requires quality at the highest mobile level.

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Entertainment, sport

Invitations and reservations or bidirectional SMS communication for the entertainment and sport!

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Transport, shipping

SMS communication with drivers, senders and recipients of consignments.

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Beauty, health

Reminders about visits, SMS appointment booking and many other SMS proposals!

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More modern education at every level.

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Services for companies

Once it was the Internet revolution. Today is mobile revolution!

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Publishing house, media

Mobile communication does not compete with other media but it supports it.

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