Transport, shipping

Secure transmission of important information to drivers, notification about dispatch status its senders and receivers, bidirectional SMS communication with passengers, ordering timetables on your mobile phone ... it is just a few of dozen of SMS usages for the transport industry!

Public transport

Companies providing town and public transport successfully implement SMS services as streamlining its operations. News services are reporting that SMS deployments in public transport services in other cities. Let's see then, what mobile technologies offer to public carriers.

Why is it worth?

  • reducing the cost of telephone calls (sending a text message is cheaper than the average length of a telephone conversation on a cell phone)
  • more efficient transport disposal,
  • fast information coming in few seconds to hundreds, thousands of customers,
  • carrier image as a modern institution,
  • increasing the safety of drivers and passengers (SMS can be read at the bus stop for example).

Notifications from passengers

SerwerSMS offers launching a special number to which passengers can send SMS and report problems with transport. Thus, travelers can inform the dispatcher of traffic about accidents, incidents, unpleasant events, and even health- or life-threatening situations of passengers.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about NDI. Personal Access Number (NDI) is a service from which people sending SMS messages pay for them as an ordinary SMS messages and such messages go to the Customer Panel in SerwerSMS or to a specified application (programme) through API remote communication. Therefore, the person who manages public transport (such as a traffic dispatcher) can read the SMS notification in any way.

SMS instructions for drivers

Effective management requires an effective public transport information flow. Changing road conditions, traffic congestion, failures of rolling stock, accidents and collisions, the absence of drivers - all this makes that mass SMS communication from dispatchers to drivers can improve the coordination of transport. SerwerSMS dispatch offers both single and mass message sending and creating dispatch groups allowing you in few seconds to send messages to several or even thousand employees.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about mass ECO SMS dispatch.

Contest for the best driver

Public transport is in competition with private transport. It is the same participant in the market, like any other entity. Therefore, public carriers put more and more effort to it that their offer was competitive with the private carriers offer. One way to increase competitiveness is obviously improving the quality of service. Thus, there are competitions for the best driver that bring knowledge of the carrier's imageas well as being the motivation for drivers to provide passengers with a comfortable, cultural and friendly service. SerwerSMS offers Premium SMS service thanks to that, the company providing public transport can organize a contest for the best driver.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about Premium SMS service.

Timetable on the phone

Another interesting service available in SerwerSMS is also the possibility to order by the passengers timetable on a mobile phone. To obtain a schedule of the bus line, send SMS to a special number which will identify the bus line number and bus stop, eg: 103 Rudzieńskiego street. In reply of such SMS the sender can receive the hours from which bus stop and what time leaves the bus number 103.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about NDI service and Premium SMS.

A courier company

Among the companies of transport and forwarding business, is that the courier companies often use the advantages of SMS in the effective implementation of courier services ... and it does not surprise us.

Why is it worth?

  • reducing the cost of phone calls,
  • increasing the efficiency of service delivery,
  • increased satisfaction with the service, both for sender and recipient,
  • increasing the competitiveness of the company,
  • image of the modern managed company,
  • increasing the safety of drivers, fleets and dispatches.

Notifications for drivers

"Note, the change of delivery address of the Krajowa street 7 to Pszczyńska street 17a / 5, concerning the consignment number 192 827 "- SMS with such a content can be sent automatically by the application managing the dispatch distribution, or personally drafted by the dispatcher or employee of the Customer Service Section. These and all other information can be supplied to couriers in a form of SMS messages both individually and mass, when the same content is used for several or even thousand drivers (eg. "due to the failure of the telephone, please drivers contact us at the number 22 645746345 "). Mass SMS dispatch in SerwerSMS SMS is an offer to create user accounts (eg, a separate account for each branch or separate for each employee, with certain privileges, such as limit of sending messages, and limited or blocked access to certain functions, etc.). In the Customer Panel you can create many different groups of receivers such as " Silesia couriers", "Mazowsze couriers", etc., making it easy and a quick way to realize a dispatch to to a specific group of couriers.

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about bulk ECO SMS messaging.

SMS communication with dispatch senders

SMS is a convenient form of bidirectional communication courier company - the customer - the courier company. By SMS you can order courier services and on those already commissioned a customer can get information about where the dispatch currently is and / or that have been already delivered. Such messages can be delivered automatically  by each consignment or to be a respond to the SMS call initiated by the sender. All these services are available in SerwerSMS

If you are interested in this service, in conversation with sales section please ask about bulk FULL SMS messaging and API remote communication.

SMS communication with dispatch receivers

One of the most common problems in the courier delivery is the absence of the recipient at the appointed place and / or the fixed time. Reducing the number of such situations is SMS reminder sent to the recipient's mobile phone number, eg., "Welcome, today from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. we provide you with courier dispatch. In the case of your absence please contact us to arrange the time to another. "

If you are interested in this service, in conversatio with sales section please ask about bulk FULL SMS messaging and API remote communication.

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