Pre-Paid pricing

Pre-Paid model settled in advance (payment before the service). The funds on the account are perpetual, the top-up value determines the unit rates. Higher top-up means lower the unit price. The invoice is issued on the first working day after topping up the account. Topping up of the account takes place automatically (eg PayU) or manually (payment on account, pro-forma).

Threshold billing services

The amount of the top-up

determines the amount of the settlement rate

ECO SMS message

(with a random number)

FULL SMS message

(with an alphanumeric, 2-way or numeric name)
25 - 499 PLN 0.14 PLN 0.16 PLN
500 - 1 999 PLN 0.13 PLN 0.15 PLN
2 000 - 4 999 PLN 0.12 PLN 0.14 PLN
5 000 - 9 999 PLN 0.10 PLN 0.12 PLN
from 10 000 PLN 0.08 PLN 0.10 PLN

The minimum top-up amount is 25 PLN net.

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Do you want to top up your account for more than PLN 10,000? Let us know and we will prepare a dedicated offer that will suit your needs.

Complementary services

International SMS Roaming Pricing
MMS (Poland, calculating 100KB) 0.35 PLN
SMS VOICE (stationary networks) 0.09 PLN
SMS VOICE (GSM network) 0.09 PLN
PUSH (the cost of sending 1000 notifications) 1.00 PLN
HLR (Poland and the World) 0.04 PLN
Lookup (Poland and the World) 0.03 PLN
NAT (Poland) 0.08 PLN

Remote communication

Access to the API FREE
Monthly VPN 140.00 PLN

Net prices, they do not include VAT (23%).

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